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Get prospective company insight, clarity, and honest answers directly from current or former company employees. 

Get Paid and become a Job Mentor. Share work experiences helping professionals make informed career decisions. 

Finding a Company with a Holistic Fit

At The Job Scoop, we match you with experienced mentors. Mentors with first-hand knowledge; giving honest answers to your pressing questions.   

Culture Fit

Find the Companies that share the same values and principles as your own.


Prepare for Job Interviewing knowing the expected question cases and format.


Inquire about the Health and Wellness programs, Stock Options, or Free Meals.

Career Growth

Pave a vibrant path for your career with the company. See what's available in the leadership and mentorship programs.

Hiring Process

Be ready for each of the hiring phases. From initiate screening, interviewing, negotiation, and final offer.

Life Balance

Seek a workplace supporting personal development with flexible scheduling.

Matching Process

Finding the right Mentor(s) and Scheduling a Chat Session between Job Seeker and Mentor(s).

Complete the quick (3 mins) questionnaire (Job Seeker or Job Mentor) to help us understand your criteria and company interests.

TJS Team secures a curated mentors list matching the Job Seeker’s preferences. 

Choose a Mentor and Pick an available time slot. Start a phone or video chat on the scheduled time. 

Talk with Mentor(s) and ask questions. Mentor(s) will share their knowledge and advice.  

Rate your experience on the session. 

About Us

Our Founding Team sees the vital need for Job Seekers to get the company inside scoop; the Job Seeker gains insight to aid them with making career decisions during the Job Search process. We connect Job Seekers with Mentors that have relevant job functional experience working in the same company. 

Oftentimes a Job Seeker may join a company for a while, only later discovering that the company is not the right fit for them. This is a lose-lose situation for both the Job Seeker and the Company; both parties invest their time and resources. On this site The Job Scoop, Job Seeker gets all their pertinent questions answered directly with a Mentor. Our community of mentors are experienced and come from diverse backgrounds: they are a reliable source, with unbiased sound advice, and have your best interest in mind.

 We are building a community that promotes trust, openness, and transparency. We continue to encourage and empower each and everyone to build on the foundational values. 


We empower accountability, reliability, and consistent quality service with information sharing. 


Our community is inclusive and accessible to all parties. Respect and acceptance with no bias. 


We embolden everyone to ask questions, seek information, and make insightful decisions. 

Our Mentors work for multitudes of companies